Tiago saw dating collapse after penile augmentation surgery

Tiago, from the duo with Hugo, joined the cast of “A Fazenda 13”, which debuts today. Interestingly, the singer entered the reality show’s directors’ radar amid the repercussions of an intimate surgery. The countryman underwent a phalloplasty – which consists of the enlargement of the genital organ – and since he started to speak publicly about the subject, he has not left the media anymore.

Just as the aesthetic procedure projected him to a new level of fame, the effects on his relationship with singer Tania Mara were disastrous. The singer has never denied that the topic has motivated the breakup, but not exactly because of the surgery itself. He explained in Stories that Tania was startled by the hubbub.

Imagine, you being with a guy and the next day you wake up with your name involved in all the subjects, people joking and taking you to the side of jokes? It’s terrible. How can you not understand that the person is going to be scared, will be groundless and nervous?.

Tiago says that she knew from the beginning of his desire to undergo phalloplasty. The two met backstage at RecordTV’s “Canta Comigo” program. Tania, in turn, never spoke about the subject and removed the photos she had with her ex on Instagram.

Why did James have penile surgery?

The report of UOL spoke with the singer in July about the much-talked about surgery. He just said that he wanted to be more satisfied with his body.

We don’t always do something because we don’t like it, but to improve… I believe that people’s natural vanity makes us seek daily to improve what we can in ourselves. Whether through physical exercise, hair, clothing, smell.

the suspense

The question everyone asked on social media was the same: did he enlarge his penis or not? This answer, however, is kept secret by the singer, who deconstructs when asked about it.

“Until today, I haven’t said what I did, if I increased or if I did another procedure that is also possible. That’s for you to see how the curiosity and judgments of some people may not mean, in fact, what it really is. It’s a procedure that the increase and thickness is possible, but I didn’t say at any time if I did one or both,” he said.

One detail, however, the pawn of “The Farm 13” does not hide. The result of the surgery was exactly as you would like.

I confess that I already feel great and if it works? From the! You can go with your eyes closed. What I went to get, I was successful.