Tokyo didn’t die in season 5? fans create theory

Is Tokyo not dead? Some fans of “La Casa de Papel” believe that the character of Úrsula Corberó may be alive and continue in the five episodes that are left for the definitive end of the series, which will only debut on December 3 on Netflix.

But how is this possible?

For anyone who has watched the first part of the fifth season, which premiered on September 3, it sounds almost impossible that Tokyo will continue to live. After all, she was the target of several shots and used explosives attached to her body so that the villain Gandía died with her.

But anyone who has seen the series since the beginning knows. Scriptwriters are usually very creative and anything, anything, is possible. Who doesn’t remember the surreal scene of Tokyo dodging the Spanish police and riding a motorcycle into the Mint back in the first seasons? So it is!

tokyo - Tamara Arranz/Netflix - Tamara Arranz/Netflix

Tokyo in the scene of the fifth season of ‘La Casa de Papel’

Image: Tamara Arranz/Netflix

Going back to season five, the theory is that Tokyo’s death is just Stockholm’s delusion. It’s worth remembering that Esther Acebo’s character is completely doped when she remembers the food elevator that connects the kitchen to the Bank of Spain governor’s office and gives this tip to friends cornered by the army.

Denver and Manila manage to save themselves with the idea of ​​Stockholm, but Tokyo is already badly wounded and prefers to continue fighting to defend their friends. That’s where she dies.

Was it just a delusion?

theory - Reproduction/Instagram/@ursulolita - Reproduction/Instagram/@ursulolita

Fans raise theory about Tokyo’s death in ‘La Casa de Papel’

Image: Reproduction/Instagram/@ursulolita

The theory was raised by a Pakistani fan named Nida who commented on a photo from Tokyo with Gandia on the Spanish actress’ Instagram. “Please tell me you didn’t die. It was just a Stockholm dream,” wrote Nida.

Another fan of the series, American Charlie, responded to the Pakistani’s comment. “I’ve been thinking the same thing since I finished the series. After all, she was high and was the one who gave them the idea of ​​the escape route.” Other fans, including Brazilians, reacted shocked to the possible theory.

And you, what do you think? Is it really possible that Tokyo, the series’ narrator, is still alive?

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