Trailers for Spider-Man 2 and God of War Ragnarok already have millions of views

Last Thursday (9), Sony exhibited the PlayStation Showcase, where it announced several games that are in production for the PlayStation 5. With its own online event, the company chose not to participate in this year’s editions of several popular conventions, like E3 — and the numbers of views seem to show that the strategy is working.

After all, the ad trailers for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War: Ragnarok, together, have passed 15 million views on YouTube. The games were two of the biggest highlights of the event, which also featured the revelation of a game from Wolverine and the remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, in addition to titles like Project EVE and Forspoken.

Below, you can see the view numbers of the 5 most watched PlayStation Showcase videos on the official PlayStation YouTube channel (data collected at the time this news is written):

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 — 9.7 million views
  2. God of War: Ragnarok — 5.7 million views
  3. Marvel’s Wolverine — 2.7 million views
  4. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake — 2.5 million views
  5. Forspoken — 1 million views

Also worth mentioning is the trailer for Project EVE, which attracted attention during the broadcast of the event and has already accumulated 941,000 views.

With such high results, it remains up in the air whether it is really necessary for Sony to participate in big events like E3, Tokyo Game Show and Gamescom, at least while they are being held online during the pandemic.