Two Objects Over 10,000 Years Old Found Inside US Crocodile Stomach | Nature

Two objects thousands of years old were found inside the stomach of a crocodile in the state of Mississippi, in the United States. The actual identification of the items was revealed by a geologist.

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The objects were found by Shane Smith, owner of Red Antler Processing, a hunting supply store, where the crocodile was taken to have its skin and meat processed after it was captured in early September.

In the United States, wild hunting is allowed in certain places under a special permit..

At the time of discovery, Smith was unable to identify what the objects were, but he thought they were interesting enough to post a photo on Facebook.

“We’re opening some big crocodiles to see what’s inside their stomachs. So far, everyone has found something cool. Today’s alligator (…) produced the shock of the year!!”, he wrote in the publication.

Objects were found inside the crocodile’s stomach — Photo: Red Antler Processing | reproduction

Geologist James Starnes was able to identify the objects based on his research on Native American artifacts found in the Mississippi Delta, reported American CNN.

According to him, these are a plumb bob, which is a teardrop-shaped metal object of unknown use, and an “atlatl javelin point”, which can be used as a spear or javelin during hunting.

The expert points out that Native Americans who inhabited the region about 12,000 years ago use this type of technology in their daily tasks.

In addition to the artifacts, fish bones and scales, small mammal bones, fruit seeds and even small rocks were also found.

Hunters estimate the crocodile was between 80 and 100 years old when it was shot.

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