Unvaccinated California couple dies of Covid-19 and leaves behind five children, one newborn

CALIFORNIA – An unvaccinated couple from California died of Covid-19 within two weeks and left five children orphaned, including a newborn. Nurse Davy Macias, 37, didn’t even know her baby after giving birth already intubated due to the coronavirus. Also hospitalized, her husband, professor Daniel Macias, 39, only saw the child through photos.

The entire family was infected in August, according to The Washington Post. While the children quickly recovered, Davy’s symptoms worsened, and she had to be hospitalized when she was seven months pregnant. Less than a week later, her husband was admitted to the same unit.

Davy had to be intubated and given a caesarean section on August 18 to save her baby. Since then she has not communicated with her family or met her newborn daughter. The nurse died on the 26th. Daniel, who was admitted to a nearby room, did not even know that his wife had not resisted. He also fell victim to the disease exactly two weeks later, on 9 September.

At the hospital, the newborn is called “Baby Girl”. That’s because her parents decided to wait to choose their daughter’s name. The couple thought they would win Covid-19. In addition to the baby, the two had four other children, the oldest being 8 years old. The children are under the care of their paternal grandmother, Terry Macias.

As she reported to CNN, the couple had not yet been vaccinated, but planned to do so. Before, they wanted to learn more about their safety before being immunized, especially Davy, who was pregnant. Responsible for breaking the news to his grandchildren, Terry also said he believes the family was infected during a trip to a water park.

The US Centers for Disease Prevention Control (CDC) advocates vaccinating pregnant women since studies have shown that immunizations do not increase the risk of miscarriage. According to the agency, pregnant women are at increased risk of severe Covid-19 symptoms, premature births and adverse outcomes if infected.