Vaccine Panel: Brazil is 62nd in the global ranking and 4th in total doses

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Brazil is in 62nd place in the global ranking of application of doses of vaccine against Covid-19 this Monday (13), in relation to every 100 inhabitants. The country has already been in 56th position in this ranking, having dropped to 70th and 64th last month.

Among the countries that make up the G20, group of the 20 largest economies in the world, the country dropped one position and is in 13th. According to data updated by the Agency CNN, Brazil appears with 99.31 doses applied to every 100 inhabitants.

China surpassed Canada and is at the top of the ranking, with 148.74 doses in relation to every 100 people. Canada has 142.90 doses applied. The United Kingdom appears next, with 135.49.

Next are France (134.47), Italy (134.02) and Germany (124.23). Turkey appears next, with 119.64 – followed by Japan in eighth place, with 114.49. The United States is in ninth place, with 113.06. Saudi Arabia (112.07) completes the ranking of doses per 100 inhabitants.

Vaccine Panel shows Brazil’s position in the world ranking of immunization against Covid-19 / CNN Brazil

Considering the absolute numbers of vaccination, China continues to lead the ranking, with 2,148,120,000 doses already applied.

In second place comes India, with 740.2 million doses applied. Then the United States, with 380.2 million. Brazil remains in fourth place, with 211.8 million doses applied – the same position if we consider the G20 countries.

Japan appears in 5th, with 144.3 million doses applied. Indonesia is in sixth, with 114.5 million doses. Germany has 104.2 million, followed by Turkey (101.7 million), the United Kingdom (92.4 million) and Mexico (91.7 million).

Data were compiled by the Agency CNN with information from the State Health Departments and from the website Our World in Data, linked to the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom.