Vojvoda designs difficult 2nd round and asks for adaptation: “Opponents already know our way of playing” | strength

Fourth in the Brazilian Serie A table, Fortaleza impresses. In 20 rounds, he scored 33 points. He surpassed other northeasterners in the 1st round, making an overwhelming campaign. But, in the last five games for Serie A, they still haven’t won: there are three draws and two defeats. In an interview with Sistema Verdes Mares, Juan Pablo Vojvoda comments on the current moment, more difficult since it arrived. Did you feel the relationship from before changed?

Fortaleza, Atlético-MG, Tinga, Vojvoda — Photo: Thiago Gadelha / SVM

– The fans always want the team to win, and so does the coach. The reality is that, in football, teams that win don’t always exist. Few teams that will always win. What we are looking for is a unity, a team, which goes to the playing field and the fans feel identified with the team – said Vojvoda.

– I’m totally honest. I always plan our match based on the next game. It is very difficult to imagine how Fortaleza will be at the end of the championship. It is true that the objectives change as Fortaleza achieves good results, with good returns as well, which have been demonstrated. Likewise, I keep thinking that the next game is the most important, and in always keeping an idea, a functioning, which is very difficult – he completed.

Vojvoda designed Fortaleza’s second round and commented on the goals for the season, having to reinvent themselves in front of opponents.

– The 2nd round will be very complicated, the opponents already know our way of playing, we also have to adapt to the circumstances we will face. But whenever I start a project, I imagine the best. I always want to win. I always imagine the best that can be done in each match, always taking care of the opponent’s qualities. But I always think we’re in a position to make a good match, and today I think we’re in a position to make a good Brazilian Championship.

– I work for my team to be better and better. About what you say, that I as a coach did a good job, it’s always nice to hear those positive reviews. I think we are where we are on the table because of the players. The coach has his share of responsibility, of participation, but I also depend a lot on the players. The conviction is on my part, but now I have to sustain this good first shift and keep working. The championship principle, goals that we have achieved now, is what we are working on on a daily basis.

  • Fourth in Grade A, with 33 points;
  • In the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil, they face São Paulo on Wednesday (15).

Asked if Fortaleza is already marked in his history, Vojvoda guarantees that it is just the beginning of this relationship.

– Yes definitely. I will always remember Fortaleza. But I don’t want to talk about the past, because my history at Fortaleza is just beginning. I want to keep working on a daily basis and just think about the next game. This is what I want – finished.

President of Fortaleza presents Vojvoda coach to idol Clodoaldo

What a meeting!  President of Fortaleza presents Vojvoda coach to idol Clodoaldo

What a meeting! President of Fortaleza presents Vojvoda coach to idol Clodoaldo

— Photo: Disclosure