WhatsApp app will implement new privacy feature for users; check how the novelty will work

For years, to protect the privacy of people’s messages, the WhatsApp app has provided end-to-end encryption by default so messages can only be seen by the sender and recipient.

Now the app is also planning to give users the option to secure WhatsApp backups using end-to-end encryption, as detailed by the app in a statement.

Users can now back up their WhatsApp message history through cloud-based services like Google Drive and iCloud. WhatsApp does not have access to these backups and they are protected by individual cloud-based storage services.

But now, if people choose to enable end-to-end (E2EE) encrypted backups as they become available, not even the

Neither WhatsApp nor the backup service provider will be able to access the backup or your backup encryption key.

How E2EE Backups on WhatsApp Work

To enable E2EE backups, an entirely new encryption key storage system that works with iOS and Android was developed.

With E2EE backups enabled, backups will be encrypted with a unique randomly generated encryption key.

Users can choose to protect the key manually or with a user password.

When someone chooses a password, the key is stored in a Backup Key Vault built around a component called a hardware security module (HSM).

Storage of keys in the Backup Key Vault

The WhatsApp front-end service, ChatD, handles client connections and client-server authentication and will implement a protocol that sends keys to and from WhatsApp servers.

As a result, the user and the HSM-based Backup Key Vault will exchange encrypted messages, the content of which will not be accessible to ChatD itself.

Also according to the information, the important news will be available soon to all users of the messaging app. Check out:

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