WhatsApp may have a new function to transcribe audio; understand

The messaging application managed by Facebook, WhatsApp, is constantly innovating. This time, at least two new features are in the experimentation phase: the first will be a tool that will facilitate the transcription of audios.

The second will be the reformulation and improvement of WA’s internal search tool, with search options by date and time. See below for details about these two new tools.

Transcription of voice messages by WhatsApp

The new voicemail transcription feature, according to the WABetainfo blog, is in development and therefore no release date.

Currently, the feature can only be used by downloading a third-party app, available from PlayStore. With the new update, users will not need such “shortcuts”.

Each user will have the option to allow the transcription or not, that is, the transcription will be optional. The records will be saved in the application’s own database. In principle, it looks like it will only be usable on Apple devices.

Search messages by date

The other good news is that WhatsApp will be able to count on a search by date of the message. Currently, WA provides word search only, but it cannot help in some situations.

We remind you that this feature has been a reality for a long time in its main (and most complete) competitor: Telegram. In other words, it is increasingly evident that Facebook seeks to offer new features in order not to be one step behind the Russian application.

Also according to WABetainfo, also regarding this other novelty, everything indicates that it will first be launched for Apple smartphones.