Whindersson reacts to alleged meeting with ex-wife Luísa Sonza

Whindersson Nunes talks about end of engagement with Maria Lina

In the same month, Whindersson revealed the end of his engagement with Maria Lina. The actor and the engineering student took up dating last November. In January, the couple announced that they were expecting a child, John Michael. In May, however, the baby was born premature and did not survive.

“Me and Maria will always be connected, through an angel that God gave, an angel who came to make an impact in every way and one day I also hope to understand all of this, and get back on my feet, because a dull clown loses his job in the circus”, stated the artist.

“It was a pleasure to share my life with you so far. We built a beautiful story! We love and respect each other every day we were together,” said the influencer in a web post.

Vitão comments breakup with Luísa Sonza

In a recent interview, Vitão lamented the pressure and wave of attacks he and Luísa suffered on social media. “I grew up too much next to Luísa, I’m another man these days. Everything we went through forced us to be stronger, even though we didn’t have the strength to do so in many moments. We serve as an example for Brazil with intolerance, ignorance and the hate based on lies can be harmful in one’s life,” he declared.