‘Who is a millionaire is Didi’

With more than 60 years of career, with several TV and movie jobs, including box office hits, Dedé Santana says he didn’t make a fortune with his work, unlike his fellow Trapalhões, Renato Aragão. One of the reasons, he said, was not caring about the amount he received, whether as an actor or director. For him, the quality of what was offered was more important.

“I’m that kind of artist. You ask me for a job and I don’t care how much I’m going to earn. I could be a millionaire like Didi. He’s an archmillionaire, actually. For me, an archmillionaire is someone who has at least 30 million in the bank. It’s not my case. First, I would ask what I was going to do, whether I would like it or not. Then I wanted to know how much I would earn,” said Dedé in the No Flow podcast.

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Renato Aragão and Dedé Santana in 2011 on TV
Renato Aragão and Dedé Santana in 2011 on TV Photo: Blenda Gomes

Dedé Santana says he remains a friend of Renato Aragão, but reveals that there were many fights between the two during the time the famous partnership lasted: “We used to fight a lot, a lot, but always because of work. most of the time, he was right. Renato is very smart.”

Dedé Santana is now 85 years old
Dedé Santana is now 85 years old Photo: publicity/ tv

The program “Os Trapalhões” was formed by Zacarias, Didi, Mussum and Dedé Photo: Adir Mera