With ‘Morena’, Luan Santana wins first place on YouTube in Portugal

Brunette in Luan Santana (30) is making the biggest success in Brazil and in the world!

Launched two months ago, the song managed to be the most played on the radio in the country in the last week. According to a survey conducted by Crowley, the hit had 2886 plays.

In addition to being featured on national territory, the song also ranked first on YouTube, in Portugal. On the video platform, Brunette surpassed the mark of 96 million views.

On Spotify, Luan Santana’s music achieved 69 million plays and won third place in Portugal and eighth in Brazil.

About the positive results of the work, the countryman did not fail to recognize the importance of the fans. “All this success I thank my audience, who always encourages me to create more and more. ‘Morena’ is one of those happy surprises. I can’t wait to go back to the shows and make a picture with this song, interacting with the fans. number on the radios, in such a competitive market, is cause for a lot of celebration”, declared the singer.

In addition to the great positions on digital platforms, it is also worth noting that Luan Santana entered Billboard in the ranking of the 100 most played songs in all territories of the Planet.

With the overproduction directed by Bruno Ilogti, a renowned professional in the music scene, he delivered to the public a movie clip with a special guest appearance by the international model Natalia Barulich, resulting in insurmountable achievements.

Luan Santana tried Juliette for the video for Brunette

Right when he left the BBB21, Juliette Freire (31) was asked to be Luan Santana’s brunette. However, the makeup artist ended up not accepting the job.

At the time, the team of the champion of the reality show explained why she was not the brunette in the video.

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