Woman campaigning against vaccines dies of Covid-19

Anti-vaccine activist Veronica Wolski died of Covid-19 in the US. Image: Playback/YouTube

An anti-vaccine activist, named Veronica Wolski, died of Covid-19 in the United States this Monday (13). Her supporters threatened to blow up the hospital where she was hospitalized if ivermectin, a drug with no proven efficacy against the disease, was not used in the treatment.

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She had been battling the coronavirus for weeks while militants in a movement called the “QAnon” made calls and threats to the hospital.

QAnon is a far-right conspiracy theory movement, created in 2017. According to its adherents, there is a secret cabal, made up of Satan worshipers, pedophiles and cannibals, who runs a global child sex trafficking network and has been conspiring against former President Donald Trump during his term.

Supporters of the movement claim that Veronica was “murdered by the hospital” for receiving the scientifically tested and approved treatment against the coronavirus.

With information from the newspaper Estado de Minas