4 participants of The Farm 2021 were canceled for ignoring the covid.

Controversies abound for the cast members of A Fazenda 2021, a reality TV show by Record. In recent months, four pedestrians have had negative repercussions on the web due to their disregard for the covid-19 pandemic in the country, which has already left more than 587 thousand dead. Mileide Mihaile, Liziane Gutierrez, Marina Ferrari and MC Gui displeased many Brazilians because of the way they dealt with the crisis in the country, whether by going to clandestine parties or making posts without a scientific basis on social networks.

Mileide Mihaile and Carlinhos de Maia’s party – The Farm 2021

In December of last year, the digital influencer Carlinhos Maia got involved in a huge mess after organizing a party for dozens of people – it is worth remembering that there were still months before the vaccine was made available on a large scale in Brazil and that, according to journalist Erlan Bastos do Em OFF, 47 people were infected with the virus during the event. At the time, the country surpassed the mark of 185,000 deaths.

One of the guests was Mileide Mihaile, new guest of A Fazenda. A few days later, Cearense used social media to communicate to followers that it tested positive for covid-19. “Today, unfortunately, I won’t be able to have supper with my family. I tested positive for Covid-19, I’m keeping to myself, the important thing is that I’m feeling very good. I’m super assisted, well cared for, but isolated. This Christmas, I will feel the love from afar and for the little glass on my balcony”, he said. Mileide, Carlinhos and the other guests for the bash received harsh criticism on the internet.

Mileide was one of the guests at the controversial Carlinhos Maia party – Photo: Reproduction/Diário do Nordeste

Liziane Gutierrez and the clandestine party

Liziane Gutierrez recently went viral after being caught at a clandestine party, with more than 500 people, in an upscale neighborhood of São Paulo. The event was banned by the Sanitary Surveillance and left the influencer furious. Without scruples, Liziane shouted insults and profanity at the agents. The girl was filmed at the time of the scandal and the video quickly spread across the web.

“You guys are f*ck, do you know why? Alexandre Frota harassed everyone in this p*. Will take care of whoever roasts. Go to the favela, c*. It’ll pick up in the favela, and you’ll take over”, he shouted.

After the repercussion of the images, Gutierrez spoke in the stories: “I’m sincere, I’ve always been and I’ll always be. I’m bad about this situation, for having gone wrong and for having videos out of context.”

Marina Ferrari and the vitamin contra covid – The Farm 2021

Throughout the pandemic, one of the biggest fake news to be fought is the supposed early and alternative treatments for the disease. Although experts are tired of saying that only masks, social distancing and vaccines are effective against the disease, rumors appear on the internet (and some of them even reinforced by the Federal Government) that medicines such as chloroquine and other substances can help with the disease. fighting coronavirus.

Marina Ferrari did a disservice by making some posts saying she was taking care against covid, and that despite being seen without a mask in a public place, she was safe as she took vitamins, one of them for her hair, which would help keep her up. the strengthened immune system. The information was disseminated without any scientific basis and left many people angry.

“So guys, I didn’t take a mask but I’m taking care of myself, I always use gel alcohol and I’m eating well. I take my vitamins, there’s one that is always with me that I tell you about, it’s one that helps strengthen hair, nails, but there are also other vitamins like C, D, which help with immunity and prevent against corona,” he said .

MC Gui and the clandestine casino

In March of this year, MC Gui was involved in a new scandal. After being canceled for mocking a child at Disney in 2019, the funkeiro added another controversy to his curriculum when he was detained in a clandestine casino in São Paulo. 200 people attended the event on site despite the pandemic. In addition to the singer, football player Gabigol was also present. The detainees were referred to the DPPC (Department of Police for the Protection of Citizenship) and had to sign a detailed term for a crime against public health. Then they were released.

At the time, the singer’s businesswoman and mother, Claudia Castanheira, sent a press release in defense of her son. “Unlike what is being shown, the place where the singer MC Gui was found was a poker house, which was closed by the Sanitary Surveillance, as a result of the decree to close public places […] The artist has already provided the necessary clarifications and collaborated with what was requested, who is entitled” says part of the text.

the farm 2021
MC Gui is held in a luxury casino that held an event for around 200 people – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/Folhapress

Fazenda 2021 starts today, September 14, at 10:45 pm, Brasília time, on Record. See also the history of The Farm.