After a defeat by Inter, Thiago Neves is bothered by the Sport supporter’s demand: “Try to know about things”

THE 1-0 loss to Inter this Monday at Ilha do Retiro served to increase the pressure on Sport and also the dissatisfaction of the fans. One fan in particular made demands pointing out that midfielder Thiago Neves, who entered the second half of the game, would be one of the athletes to “disturb the environment”, something that the experienced player himself answered.

According to Neves, he himself is responsible for buying essential things for the club’s day-to-day running:

“Turn up the environment? I think you’re quoting the wrong person, I do everything to make the environment good even going through all that we are going through, even buying showers, equipment for physiotherapy, some ties for the gym, besides fruit… And other things I buy out of my pocket to try to make the environment good to work”, fired the former midfielder from Fluminense, Flamengo, Cruzeiro, Grêmio, among others.

“They can talk about the field but not outside it, even more inside the club. Everybody talks, it’s not a good time, even on and off the field, these four are the ones who like the club the most and we know it will be normal for the pressure to be greater on them”, he added.

In addition to Thiago Neves, this fan mentioned that André, Ronaldo and Betinho would be other bad influences on the group.

“It’s unfair to direct these charges on the four of us since we are a group with 30 or more players”, expanded the midfielder in response.

In a bad phase in the national competition, Sport, now led by coach Gustavo Florentín, only has a better campaign than Chapecoense, being 19th with 17 points.

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