After Eduardo Bolsonaro’s attack, deputy filed complaint with the Chamber

When opening her Instagram on Monday morning (13), the day after participating in the demonstration against Jair Bolsonaro (no party) on Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo, federal deputy Dayane Pimentel (PSL-BA), who until the end from 2019 was the president’s support base, he saw that one of his sons, also federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), had marked him in a story. In the image, Dayane was shown hand in hand with Bolsonaro, was called a traitor and had a target over her face.

The deputy was elected in 2018 in the wake of pocketnarism, but jumped off the boat after an internal crisis in the party. in conversation with universe, she said that she filed a representation in the Ethics Council of the Chamber of Deputies against Eduardo, on Tuesday afternoon (14), and that she also intends to register a police report. “I felt very threatened, as if I had come from the PCC, I didn’t see any difference”, she says. The Women’s Secretariat of the Chamber of Deputies issued a repudiation note against Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The fear, she says, comes from considering the Bolsonaro family a “militia” and knowing that the deputy, like other clan members, has a voice in encouraging others to attack them. “He is not just any deputy, he was encouraging mad people to do something, and these people are capable of doing it, yes, because they think they will be recognized by the Bolsonaro”, he says. “Society understands that women are more fragile.”

UNIVERSA – What was your reaction when you saw the post appearing with a target over its face?

DAYANE PEPPER – I felt very threatened, as if I had come from the PCC, I saw no difference, because of the possible connection with militias. It’s him [Eduardo Bolsonaro] he is not just any deputy, he has millions of followers, he is the president’s son. I was encouraging mad people to do something against me, and these people are capable of doing it, yes, because they think that this way they will be recognized by the Bolsonaro family.

What do you want to do now?

We are filing a police report, I will file a complaint with the Public Ministry and I joined the Chamber’s Ethics Council with representation. I will use all possible tools. What he did was no joke. There were many reactions from his cheerleaders, attacks, insults. I also saw women on the left saying “well done”. I thought it was gigantic insensitivity. On the other hand, I received a lot of support from colleagues from different sides of the political spectrum, such as federal deputies Lídice da Mata (PSB-BA) and Tabata Amaral (PDT-SP).

Do you believe that in politics it is more common to target women?

Yes. Because we are women, the impression that society has is that we are more fragile. Then a message like this [com o alvo no rosto] it is made to silence our voice. We need to be resilient and call on other women, including voters, to prevent this from continuing to happen.

Have you ever gone through another type of embarrassment like this?

I’ve been attacked at the airport by a pocket narist who started filming me, calling me a traitor and other horrible things. It screamed. I sued for libel and libel. Another former councilor, in Bahia, started filming me and calling me a thief, saying that I embezzled money from health. At the time, I hadn’t even broken up with Bolsonaro yet. After I distanced myself from the president and started criticizing him, the video started to circulate again, all the pocketmen started to repost, it had millions of views. I also sued him and he was ordered to pay R$30,000.

What do you have to say about being a traitor?

In fact, we were the parliamentarians who felt betrayed by Bolsonaro, because we helped the president to be elected in search of an agenda that was not fulfilled. But our reach is smaller than the president’s sons, for example. Their allies want, with the digital strength they have, to stamp treachery on us.

When and why did you break up with the president?

I started to feel betrayed in early 2019, when the first cases of corruption involving Flávio appeared [Bolsonaro, senador]. People were always told it was a lie, persecution. But with the steps the family took, we understood that something was wrong. Bolsonaro wanted us to sign the list giving his son full leadership powers within the party, stopped the agenda to meddle in this discussion. The PSL was not being listened to. The president embraced politicians convicted of corruption, ignoring us by those names. We realized there was something behind it. When he was on the campaign trail, he had no intention of showing that face, but it was necessary because of the investigations against family members.

What is your assessment of the government?

Extremely negative. There is no good political, economic and social agenda. The health situation is the worst. I am opposed to the president, I am in favor of impeachment. I won a lot of votes saying that Bolsonaro would look out for us all, and that’s not what happened, just the opposite. He takes steps towards what, during the campaign, he said he would fight.

Do you really believe that an impeachment process can be opened at this time?

I don’t see the Chamber excited about this because the opposition is still in the minority. Even those who agree with us are afraid of losing their electorate, many of them were elected with pocketbook propaganda. And there’s also a side that is “as long as it’s okay with me, it stays the way it is.”

You participated in the demonstration in favor of impeachment on the 12th, in São Paulo, which had 6,000 participants. It was low membership. Why?

I didn’t think the membership was low. In mid-2017, I already demonstrated with three people on the street. But there are reasons for not having been so high. When the MBL [Movimento Brasil Livre, que organizou os atos] democratically opened dialogue with all spheres, this made some centrists and members of the center-right not want to go to the streets if the flag was not green and yellow. The leftist parties noticed this hostility, and also decided not to go. The left, the PT, and the anti-Bolsonarist right did not want to join. But the balance for me is positive, it’s the beginning. At the time of the impeachment, I participated in several demonstrations and saw them grow a lot. I think these will also grow.

The next protest should take place on October 2nd and is headed by the PT. Want to go?

I will have an agenda on October 2nd, but I understand that the demonstration will be non-partisan. I intend to make a call calling for people to take to the streets. If we can’t get along with people from different parties, we can’t live in society anymore. The PT was a problem until 2016. Now, the problem is Bolsonaro.