Aguirre explains Heitor in midfield and absence of Gustavo Maia

Two situations drew attention in Inter’s victory over Sport, yesterday (13), by 1-0. When he needed to defend himself, near the end of the game, Diego Aguirre innovated and placed Heitor, who is a full-back, in midfield. In addition, he chose to start with Caio Vidal and did not use Gustavo Maia at any time. Situations explained by the coach after the match.

The novelty at the beginning of the game was Caio Vidal. Instead of keeping Edenilson on the right and promoting Johnny’s entry instead of Dourado, suspended, the coach preferred a more offensive action with another attacking player.

“We tried to play a more offensive game, we went in with Caio, who is another striker. He did well, worked a lot, participated in the goal, made an effort. He didn’t come out because he played badly, but because we were looking for other alternatives,” explained Aguirre.

When Caio Vidal left the field, he did not go to the entrance of another side player. On the bench were Juan Cuesta and Gustavo Maia. Paolo Guerrero was chosen and Yuri Alberto moved to the right.

“Gustavo has little time here, he only trained for a week and I’m getting to know him. It was an option. He’ll have his opportunities at some point. He’s a boy, he has little time with us, but he’ll definitely play at some point,” commented the coach.

With Yuri on the right, Colorado was fragile in marking and Sander’s advances began to worry. Sport abused crossings to the area, normally built there. It was then that Hector, who is originally a full-back, was called to occupy that position, playing in the midfield line.

“It was a 10-minute exchange, he wasn’t there for a long time. We were suffering because their left-back was attacking a lot, they were strong there. Yuri doesn’t have the job of helping, of working so much defensively. I held the side with me. Heitor. It was a very difficult moment in the game and it only lasted 10 minutes,” concluded the coach.

Inter’s next appointment will be on Sunday, against Fortaleza. Dourado and Palacios, who were suspended, return to the team. Taison, who is recovering from an injury, is doubtful.