Alexandre Borges is unmasked as the character Onça Pintada in ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ – Zoeira

Actor Alexandre Borges was unmasked as the character Onça Pintada from “The Masked Singer Brasil” last Tuesday (14). He was eliminated by losing the duel against Astronaut and go to the final showdown with the Sunflower.

Eduardo Sterbitch, who makes up the judging team, bet that in the name of the actor as the person who would be behind the Onça Pintada, after the last performance of the character.

This Tuesday (14), the groups broke up, and the eight masked people met on stage. The jury, which had singer Paula Fernandes as a guest, had the mission to choose the best of the night, save participants and define who would have to reveal their identity in the program.

Macaw, Astronaut, Monster and Unicorn won the battles, and the Monster was chosen by the judging team as “the best of the night”.


The least voted – Gata Espelhada, Jacaré, Onça Pintada and Girassol – by the audience took the risk of having their true identity revealed at the end of the night.

Gata Espedada and Alligator were saved by the jury. Thus, the Jaguar and the Sunflower become stared in the final showdown.

the jaguar sang “La Bamba” by Ritchie Valens.

Already the Sunflower, saved by the team of judges, interpreted “Last Dance” by Donna Summer.

The duels were between:

Mirrored Cat x Macaw

A Gata Espelhada sang “Eu Não Vou Não” by Fat Family. Arara, who won the fight, played “Loka”, by Simone and Simaria.

Tips given by the Mirrored Cat:

1 – Has been related to music since childhood.

2 – On weekends, her mother woke up to the sound of Cassia Eller, Whitney Houston and Toni Braxton on the last volume.

Guesses from the judges: Simony, Luísa Sonza, Lexa, Leilah Moreno, Patrícia Marx.

Tips given by Arara:

1 – 70 + 4.

2 – She was the mother of a famous bird.

3 – Once, I was flying and passed a little beetle by her.

Guesses from the judges: Isabel Filardis, Cláudia Raia, Fernanda Gentil, Deborah Secco, Kell Smith.

Astronaut x Jaguar

The Astronaut, who won, sang “Coisinha do Pai”, by Beth Carvalho. Onça Pintada sang “Vira”, by Ney Matogrosso.

Tips given by Astronaut:

1 – It was once an animal, food, tree and even swept the moon.

2 – Everything that made life was good.

Guesses from the judges: Robson Caetano, Seu Jorge, Sérgio Loroza, Fúlvio Stefanini, Babu Santana.

Tip given by the Jaguar:

1 – I don’t know how long I’ll stay on the show, “but while it lasts, let it be eternal”.

Guesses from the judges: Paulo Miklos, Marcello Antony, Cléber Machado, Badauí, Eriberto Leão.

Sunflower x Monster

Girassol sang “Eu Quero é Botar o Meu Bloco na Rua”, by Sérgio Sampaio. Monster, who won, sang R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”

Tips given by Sunflower:

1 – Falsehood makes you “darn”.

2 – Does not like gossip.

3 – Can’t disguise the feelings.

4 – Straight talk.

5 – Every now and then, comedy enters his artistic career.

Guesses from the judges: Susana Vieira, Solange Couto and Sandra de Sá.

Tips given by Monster:

1 – When he was a teenager, he left his passion for football aside to dedicate himself to studies.

2 – When he met the Theater, life changed.

3 – Practice physical activities and can collect trophies.

4 – Adrenaline addict.

Guesses from the judges: Gabriel Leone, Chay Suede, Rafel Vitti, Rodrigo Simas and Fiuk.

Alligator x Unicorn

The Jacaré sang “Fera Ferida”, by Gal Costa. Unicórnio, who won, played “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé.

Tips given by Alligator:

1 – Loves cycling.

2 – You’ve fixed many cars.

3 – Was nominated for several awards.

4 – Grew up among many famous people.

5 – I’ve been confined to a reality show.

Judging opinions: Totia Meireles, Rosamaria Murtinho, Inez Viana, Fafá de Belém, Baby do Brasil.

Tips given by Unicorn:

1 – The bath is an “event” and uses two soaps to be “good smelling”.

2 – Love perfumes.

Guesses from the judges: Priscilla Alcântara, Aline Barros, Flay, Carol Biazin and Manu Gavassi.