Amazon provides update that changes reading experience on Kindle

THE Amazon announced that it will perform a software update for its Kindle e-readers, which will be done automatically in the coming weeks on devices that are connected to the internet. THE update aims to improve the customer experience with direct access to the home page, library and current book. Users of e-reader they can access frequently used settings with one touch, making it quick and easy to adjust features like screen brightness or turn on airplane mode without leaving the screen they’re on.

The update will also facilitate access to content, with better navigation and more agility in quick actions. Later this year, the Library will include new sorting filters and menus, a new collections view, and an interactive scrollbar.

The update will be available for the Kindles from the 8th generation, to Kindle Paperwhite from the 7th generation and for Kindle Oasis. All of these are models released after 2015, with the version paperwhite from the seventh generation to the oldest.

Kindle: Amazon’s e-reader

The first Amazon e-reader was launched in 2007, and has been a bestseller since its birth. However, he was not the first to be released. That title stays with the Rocket eBook.

After the huge success of Kindle, a Amazon aimed its aim at the international market. Before exclusive to the U.S, the company of Jeff Bezos launched its models to other countries. The differences between the Kindles Americans and worldwide was due to the difference in connectivity

In the fourth generation, digital readers Kindle abandoned their keyboards. O Kindle 4 still had some buttons, but the Kindle Touch was the first fully touch screen. From the Kindle 7, all basic models have been transformed into fully touchscreen.


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Source: Amazon