Anitta is praised by famous international singer during awards and web goes crazy

The two artists were present at VMA 2021

By: David Mosque | September 13 – 6:35 pm

Pop’s new friendship!

After talking to Anitta during the VMA, Lil Nas X reacted to a video of the two on Twitter, praising the Brazilian singer as a “queen”.

“Girl From Rio” was very delighted with the praise of the pop star and joked that “it zeroed the game” after this super recognition.

“Game over. Now I’m ready to go… ZEREI O GAME… One day I want to be able to tell about this conversation that literally made my night”, mentioned Almighty.

Check out the tweets:

See the photo of the meeting of the two artists:

Will a feat.? – we already want to – but for now we hope to become more than friends, BFFs!

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