Apple Event 21: Apple Watch Series 7 Launched with Larger Display, New Design, and More

In an event held on Tuesday afternoon (14), Apple took advantage of the presentation “California Streaming” to announce the new generation of its smart watches.

With a redesigned design inspired by the new iPhones, the Apple Watch Series 7 delivers the well-known premium construction and good health features.

So, without further ado, get to know the details of the Cupertino company’s new smart watch.

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Design and hardware

The new Apple Watch has gained a screen boost and now has a curved edge on the sides. According to Apple, this allows the watch to achieve greater integration between display and body. This also ensures an air of elegance on the wearer’s wrist.

the screen of the new watch is 20% larger than that of the Watch Series 6, the surrounding edges now measure 1.7 mm. Compared to the Apple Watch Series 6, the new model can display 50% more text, with brightness improved by 70%.

In addition, Apple guarantees that the watch glass, although curved, is more resistant thanks to the exclusive certification for the display. Another detail mentioned by the company is the presence of dust certification (IP6X).

Charging, on the other hand, is 33% more agile than in the previous generation and is carried out using the USB-C port, and another good news involves the bracelets: the new watch is compatible with accessories from previous generations.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 will be sold in five colors: black, gold, red, dark green and light blue.


As Apple has targeted its smart watches towards the healthcare market and takes pride in the devices’ capabilities, the company is also improving some features thanks to WatchOS 8.

The Apple Watch is capable of measuring the user’s breathing rate at night. This can help in discovering possible sleep disorders. The watch is also able to keep up with two new exercises: pilates and tai-chi. In addition, the Watch Series 7 now has a full keyboard that supports text prediction.

However, in a winning team, it doesn’t move. So, like its predecessors, the Series 7 brings the function for electrocardiogram (ECG), a highly acclaimed feature because it can identify the heartbeat and prevent serious health problems.

The “SOS” emergency feature is another one that follows on the “Apple” wearable, to ask the user if they are okay after detecting a fall. Another feature inherited from the previous generation is the ability to measure the level of oxygen in the blood.

Price and availability

Apple’s new smart watch will be available in the fall (northern hemisphere) and the starting price is US$ 399, something around R$ 2,089 in direct conversion and without considering Brazilian taxes.

For now, there is still no price or forecast for launch in Brazil. In any case, the Cupertino giant should also continue selling the Series 3 ($199) and Watch SE ($279).

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