Apple Fitness+ will arrive in Brazil this year – MacMagazine

If you think that Apple’s releases today only encompass new hardware, you’re wrong. Apple announced that its exercise service, the Fitness+, will reach more countries this year. And you can celebrate: Brazil and Portugal are on the list!

Previously only available in six regions, in addition to landing in these two countries, the service will also reach users in the following locations: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Colombia, UAE, Spain, France, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Russia and Switzerland. The exercises will not be dubbed, but will have subtitles in the languages ​​spoken in those countries.

The service will also gain news such as pilates, guided meditation and training for the winter seasons, aimed at strength and balance. In addition, users will be able to train using Fitness+ with their friends and family anywhere in the world, via SharePlay — supporting up to 32 people simultaneously!

Apple will offer one month free Fitness+ for all users who have never used the service; for those who buy a new Apple Watch, the company will give three months of trial. The company will update its exercise library weekly and new categories will also be added gradually.

While the newly announced modalities will be available later this month, availability in new countries and Group Exercises (Group Workouts) will only arrive in the next few months. 😉

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