Apple Launches 9th Generation iPad Focused on Productivity – MacMagazine

He is among us! Apple today announced the ninth generation iPad. The new model brings a number of improvements compared to the previous model. Among the novelties, we have the chip A13 Bionic, an new front camera it’s the focus on productivity.

According to Apple, its chip (the A13 Bionic) is 20% faster than the A12, from the eighth generation iPad; in addition, the new model features even better machine learning, making text recognition possible (live text) even faster.

The new generation also has an even faster image processing, its rear camera is better, as well as its front camera: it now has 12 megapixels and is ultra-angle.

Does this sound familiar? Yeah, a feature that was only present on the iPad Pro, is now present on the brand new entry iPad: the Central Stage (Central Stage). With it, when making video calls, the device automatically adjusts the frame as you move or to encompass more people in the scene.