Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users warning that motorcycles with powerful engines could damage the camera’s camera system on iPhone phones.


Engine vibrations can harm the image stabilizer (OIS for “optical-image stabilization”) and autofocus (“closed-loop autofocus”), the company said in a statement.

Several models would be susceptible to damage.

Thus, the recommendation is that the device is not attached to powerful motorcycles – often the phone is placed in a bracket connected to the vehicle’s handlebars so that the driver can access navigation applications during their journey.

On motorcycles with less powerful engines, such as scooters, Apple advises users to use phone accessories that dampen vibrations.

The company explained that high-powered engines generate “intense, high-amplitude vibrations” that propagate through the vehicle’s frame and handlebars and can damage systems that are designed to improve image quality by neutralizing movement, vibrations and the effects of gravity.

“Direct exposure to high amplitude vibrations within certain frequency ranges can deteriorate the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality of photos and videos,” says the text.

On social media, several motorcycle owners said their iPhones were damaged after being attached to the bracket on the vehicle frame.

The information is from BBC Brazil.