As a fan of Pereiro-CE, he helped in the arrival of David Luiz to Flamengo – 15/09/2021

Flamengo has 32 million fans. And one of them had a direct participation in the arrival of David Luiz at the club. Euclides Lima, 26, is self-employed and lives in Pereiro, a city in the interior of Ceará with just over 16 thousand inhabitants and 350 kilometers from the capital, Fortaleza.

But how did this happen? With a cell phone and tuned in to the news, Euclides created several campaigns with the aim of engaging Flamengo fans about the hiring of the former defender of the Brazilian team. And got it. #DavidLuizNoMengo had 600,000 publications and was the most talked about topic on Twitter, reaching its greatest objective: the attention of the defender himself.

David Luiz shook with the commotion caused by his possible signing. The negotiation was not easy, it took a few weeks, but it was finally enshrined on Sunday (12). In the presentation, last Monday, the defender shocked everyone by giving a special thanks.

“I want to thank Euclid. I would like to meet you, give you a hug, and you can be sure that your decision [de mobilizar a torcida nas redes sociais] touched my heart,” said David Luiz.

While David Luiz paid tribute, Euclides was without his cell phone in his hands. The device was out of battery and receiving a charge. When he turned on the device… “I couldn’t use my cell phone, everything was blocked because of the amount of messages and notifications that kept coming in”, Euclides told UOL Sport. “I felt very happy and grateful. I believe the fans have the same feeling. Man, it was crazy. The people in the city were astonished, it was a general comment”, he recalls.

Euclides Silva, Flamengo fan, who helped in hiring David Luiz - Personal Archive - Personal Archive
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“Honestly, I never imagined that I would be mentioned by David Luiz in the presentation press conference. Coração sped up, this represents Flamengo’s fans well. Who would have thought that a supporter from the interior of Ceará could mobilize so many people? This moment is not mine, it belongs to everyone the fans. I can only thank David Luiz for the memory and hope that the meeting happens when this pandemic nightmare passes,” he added.

For the hashtag to work, Euclid had to insist a lot. Is that the negotiation had several twists and clubs interested. The last of them, Benfica, was the one who caused the biggest apprehension.

“Every day, I went up the hashtag. More and more, people joined and started to be published in the press. On a Wednesday, it hit 600,000 publications and was the most talked about topic on Twitter. At the same time, news came out that the Fla monitored David Luiz and that he was refusing a lot of proposals out there. With that the staff invaded the player’s social networks for good. There was still an obstacle in all that: Benfica. It was a pilgrimage in the networks until the window closed of transfers from Europe. I’m glad that everything worked out and he’s at Flamengo,” he said.

Euclides went to two Fla games and dreams of Maracanã

A fanatical fan, Euclides was only able to see Flamengo live on two occasions. In 2018 and 2019, he went to Castelão to follow the duel against Ceará. But he has a dream that he still cultivates: getting to know Maracanã. “Yes, [quero] very much. I think it’s the big dream of every Flamengo fan outside Rio de Janeiro.”

David Luiz said he would like to meet him and give him a hug. Euclid, of course, hopes that all this will come true. Flamengo, however, has not yet made contact to make the situation viable. Who knows?