Atltico x Fluminense: see likely rosters for the game in Mineiro

(Photo: Pedro Souza/Atl

athletic and Fluminense will decide, this Wednesday, at 7 pm, not miner, a vacancy in semifinal gives Brazil’s Cup. In the first game, Galo won by 2-1. Therefore, the team alvinegra only needs a draw to qualify. See below for the likely rosters for the confrontation.


Atltico must have on the field the base of the team that beat Fortaleza last Sunday. The only change will happen in defense. Nathan Silva, who played in the Copa do Brasil for Atltico-GO, cannot defend the team alvinegra.

Cuca did not inform who the replacement would be. Rver and Igor Rabello are in the fight. In the first game, Igor was the owner of the alvinegra team.

Atltico must take the field with: Everson; Mariano, Igor Rabello (Rver), Junior Alonso and Guilherme Arana; Allan, Jair, Matas Zaracho and Nacho Fernndez; Eduardo Vargas and Hulk.


Fluminense has doubts for the decisive match against Atltico. The midfielders Andr and Nonato felt pain in training this Tuesday and may embarrass the team.

However, coach Marco wins options to arm the team. Samuel Xavier, Jhon Arias and Martinelli are at the coach’s disposal.

Fluminense should enter the field with: Marcos Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Luccas Claro and Danilo Barcelos; Andr (Wellington), Nonato (Martinelli) and Yago; Luiz Henrique, Caio Paulista and Fred.