Azul announces its intention to expand operations in Pará and serve 19 cities in the state – AEROFLAP

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Strengthening the mission of developing regional aviation and connecting the interior of the country to large centers, Azul announced this Tuesday (14) the intention to serve up to 19 destinations in the state of Pará.

In a ceremony at the headquarters of the government of Pará, company representatives, meeting with Governor Helder Barbalho, dealt with the return from flights to Itaituba, Porto Trombetas, Breves, Monte Dourado, Almeirim, Juruti, Monte Alegre, Óbidos and Oriximiná in November and presented the company’s regional expansion plan in the state.

the cities of Salinópolis, Tucuruí, Paragominas, Alenquer and Porto de Moz are included in Azul’s operation planning, but will only be evaluated by the company after the completion of infrastructure works and the execution of standards required by Anac.

All flights will be carried out with Azul Conecta aircraft, Azul’s sub-regional company, which can carry up to nine passengers.

Azul Conecta Cessna Grand Caravan aircraft.

Azul and Conecta’s expansion plan also provides for an increase in the supply of seats on flights to Itaituba and Porto Trumpets from April of next year, with the change of operation to the ATR 72-600 model aircraft, with 70 seats.

Adding the cities that will have flights resumed, the news provided for in the state network and the destinations already operated in the Pará – Belém, Carajás, Marabá, Altamira and Santarém -, Azul and Conecta may reach 19 locations served in the state.

In addition, in the capital Belém, the company has already exceeded the supply of seats compared to periods before the pandemic and, in July this year, Azul represented around 56% of the offer of flights at Val De Cans Airport.

“With the implementation of this plan, Azul will be the largest flight operator in Pará, contributing significantly to the integration of a state of superlative dimensions and no lesser challenges of regional integration and transport. The reactivation of flights and the opening of new operating cities will boost the Pará economy and are good news for the state’s development. We are excited about this possibility of expansion of Azul and Azul Conecta in Pará and we will wait for the adjustments in the airport infrastructure so that we can fly even more in Pará lands, transporting Customers for leisure or for business”, highlights Marcelo Bento Ribeiro, director of institutional relations at Azul.

“We have the goal of expanding the offer of flights within Pará, so we have this partnership, taking the airway operation that will allow the integration of the State. With this offer, we will be facilitating integration with Brazil, economically strengthening these municipalities and stimulating tourism activity, creating opportunities. It is important to remember that this is part of the State’s development plan for Azul, but we are dialoguing with all airlines to encourage them to see Pará as an opportune destination”, pointed out the governor, Helder Barbalho.