Beatriz Bonemer, daughter of William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes, exhibits a corpão in a photo: “grew”

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This Tuesday (14), Beatriz Bonemer was highlighted in the media. The reason? A fan club of the daughter of William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes decided to exhibit a click where the young woman appears only with beautiful bathing suits. Beatriz’s sculptural physique was successful and garnered many comments.

In the photo, Beatriz Bonemer appears wearing red bathing suits. In addition, to complement the look, the young woman also chose to wear a black long-sleeved and lace beach skirt.

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Quickly, the young woman’s fans started to interact with the post. “It’s top, God bless you always girl”, commented one of them. Others, in turn, emphasized that Beatriz Bonemer is a very beautiful woman and has an admirable physique.

A netizen also made a point of emphasizing how much Beatriz Bonemer has grown over the last few years. According to him, William Bonner and Fátima Bernardes was a child until a few days ago. “How long did I sleep, she was a child until yesterday, These teenagers today are evolved”, he wrote.

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Check out the post published in the fan club feed in question below, and it’s been buzzing around the web. Also, be sure to check out the comments that are being left on the post.

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