Benja Supports Neymar and Attacks Patricia Pillar: ‘Lost Chance to Be Quiet’ | Soccer

Benjamin Back presenter

Benjamin Back presenter

the quotes of Neymar
after Brazil’s victory over Peru, last Thursday, they continue to reverberate. criticized by Patricia Pillar,

Globo actress, for expressing the desire to surpass Skin
and reach the maximum artillery of the Brazilian team, the PSG ace used Twitter to respond to global. Now, it was time to Benjamin Back,
host of “Arena SBT”, hit the actress and come out in defense of the player.

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– Everyone has the right to have an opinion in a democracy, but Patricia Pillar lost the opportunity to remain silent. Pelé is sick, he’s sick, the world is praying for him to recover as soon as possible, but Neymar told Globo: ‘I want to send a hug to Pelé, we’re rooting for his recovery’. Now, when Neymar says he wants to overcome it, he doesn’t want to belittle Pelé. Pelé is a reference, but everyone wants to (break records) – said Benja on yesterday’s program.

– Last week Messi became the greatest scorer in the history of South American teams. And? What does it get? Pelé has three World Cups. I think Patricia Pillar was bad, and there are times when Neymar is right: they piss off the guy here. Neymar scores, they complain. It doesn’t score, they complain. They all complain about the guy, man – he fired.

Neymar scored once in Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Peru last Thursday. In an interview after the game, he spoke about the approach to the King of Football in the list of top scorers of the team: “It will be an honor to pass Pelé”.

At the age of 80, Pelé is admitted to the ICU at Hospital Albert Einstein, in São Paulo. Last Saturday, the King of Football underwent surgery to remove a tumor in the right colon.