Biel invited to leave a luxurious restaurant in SP with Tays Reis – Famous

Biel (photo: Reproduction/Instagram/Edition: IG)

The singer Biel vented through his social networks about an unpleasant situation, which occurred in a luxury restaurant in So Paulo, the terrace italy, on Monday (13/09). At the time, he was accompanied by his girlfriend, Tays Kings, and was asked to leave the site after removing his blazer and just racing.

“I’ve never been so humiliated in my life”, vented the musician. The establishment, in turn, accused the singer of having been “inelegant” with the employees. In the stories of Instagram, the artist said that the restaurant manager approached him and asked him to put on his blazer, or else he would be asked to leave the place.

“There was a woman in a wing dress showing a lot more skin than me. But he [gerente] he said that with me it was different. Why? Because of the tattoo? Why do I have both arms closed? What’s the difference?”, shot Biel, accusing the restaurant of prejudice.

“Want to talk about fine sport?”, asked when showing his look. Biel I was wearing sneakers, black dress pants, and a white tank top and blazer. “I can’t show the skin, but look how they market the restaurant”, said the musician, when showing the image of a woman with a strapless dress that falls on the establishment’s social network.

“Oh, Gabriel can’t show his arms, as he came in wearing a blazer”, defended Tays. “Let’s go, let’s eat a BK [Burguer King], go”, he finished, still revolted.