Billy Madison comedian dies at age 61

the comedian Norm McDonald, known for his passage through the Saturday Night Live (1993-1998) and for minor roles in films such as Billy Madison, a Foolish Heir (1995), died today at the age of 61. McDonald’s agents confirmed the news to Deadline, revealing that the actor had been battling cancer for nine years.

“He was always very proud of his comedy, and he never wanted his diagnosis to affect how the audience or his loved ones saw him. Norm was a real comedian. […], and we’ll miss you so much“, commented the friend and production partner Lori Jo Hoekstra.

McDonald is most remembered, in his passage through the Saturday Night Live, for presenting the satirical news segment Weekend Update. The comedian’s acidic and political comments were instrumental in setting the tone for the segment for years to come.

After his exit from the sketch show, he starred in his own sitcom, The Norm Show (1999-2001), and took on roles in movies of friends Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider, like Gigolo by Accident (1999), Animal (2001), What are you laughing at? (2009), Big people (2010), Each has the twin they deserve (2011) and The 6 Ridiculous (2015).

McDonald was also the voice of Lucky Dog in the four live-action films of Dr. Dolittle (1998-2004), remaining in the franchise even after Eddie Murphy left. On TV, he had recurring roles in girlboss, the middle and The Orville.