Boat runs aground three meters above the sea and rescue lasts 12 hours

A vessel collided with a submerged reef while navigating the Ecrehous Islands off the Jersey coast and, after the tide went out, was stranded three meters above sea level. The region is between France and England.

Emergency teams, made up of the coast guard and volunteers from the non-profit organization Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), took about 12 hours to rescue the crew on Friday (10).

The work began by sending a lifeboat to check the situation shortly after the collision, at 11 am. They performed medical evaluations on the vessel’s occupants, who had minor injuries. The crew was taken to the main island of Ecrehous and then to Jersey.

According to the Jersey Evening Post, the boat was only removed from the site after the tide had risen sufficiently.

On Facebook, the Podeison Marine nautical service, which provided the rescue ship, reported that conditions were challenging but that the towing was successful just before midnight. The RNLI highlighted, also via Facebook, that the boat was in a precarious position, but that it was not in immediate danger.

“An unusual day in Les Ecrehous, to say the least,” reported the Jersey Seafaris travel agency on social media. “Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and the boat returned to Gorey.”