Caixa authorizes withdrawal of the 5th installment for those born in September

This Wednesday (15/09), Caixa released the withdrawal of the 5th installment for those born in September. Check all dates.

Caixa continues to grant the withdrawal of 5th installment of emergency aid for those who are not part of Bolsa Família. In other words, members of CadÚnico and citizens who received the benefit in December 2020. The bank, on Wednesday (09/15), released the withdrawal of money from beneficiaries born in September.

As with previous payments, the dates were organized in a staggered manner, taking into account the month of the beneficiaries’ birthdays. The calendar for the withdrawal of the 5th installment started on September 1st and will be finalized on the 20th of the same month. Remembering that those enrolled in Bolsa Família were able to withdraw the amount within the same deposit period as the 5th installment.

The values ​​of emergency aid have not changed. This means that mothers who are heads of the family continue to receive R$375 per month, while those who live alone are entitled to R$150. And what about other citizens? In this case, the average amount per installment is R$250. None of the beneficiaries can accumulate more than one installment during the same month.

Withdrawal of the 5th installment of the emergency aid; see dates

Withdrawals of the 5th installment to the general public were staggered according to the birthday month. Those who were born in September, in this way, can already withdraw the benefit this Wednesday, September 15th. The money can be withdrawn at Caixa agencies and lottery correspondents.

All processing of the program in 2021 is being carried out by Dataprev. Follow the calendar for the release of the loot of the 5th installment to the general public (not members of Bolsa Família):

  • Born in January: 1/09;
  • Born in February: 02/09;
  • Born in March: 03/09;
  • Born in April: 06/09;
  • Born in May: 09/09;
  • Born in June: 10/09;
  • Born in July: 13/09;
  • Born in August: 14/09;
  • Born in September: 15/09;
  • Born in October: 16/09;
  • Born in November: 17/09;
  • Born in December: 20/09.