Carille lives the expectation of using Velázquez and Jobson at Santos: “Let’s get better”

Coach Fábio Carille lives the expectation of using defender Emiliano Velázquez and midfielder Jobson at Santos.

Velázquez was signed after leaving Rayo Vallecano, Spain, and has yet to debut. Jobson is in the final stages of recovery from surgery on his right knee. V

“I saw a lot of positive things, despite three training sessions. Better organization, but I want to improve compaction. I think the team is far away. With those we’ve signed, like Velázquez, who will give me guidance, we’ll improve. The group is good and we’ll go. make us stronger with more work and organization. Pressure on the ball has to improve, runner changes, triangulation, approximation… It has improved, but there is room for much more,” said Carille.

“We’ll work together. We haven’t said anything yet, I’m not aware of any conversation with any player. If the board has a name, it left me calm in these two games. Let’s see what happens. I’m evaluating and soon we have Jobson, an interesting player I like and have followed for a long time, with good passing, technical quality and positioning. Camacho did very well against Bahia. Let’s see if we have needs and where we can go to think.

Santos will return to the field to face Ceará on Saturday, at Castelão, for the 21st round of the Brazilian Championship. Peixe is 13th, two points from the relegation zone, and only has this competition ahead.

Velázquez should make his debut against Ceará, while Jobson still needs a few weeks.

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