Character disappearance at the end of Lucifer worries fans

Lucifer’s final season offered fans a satisfying and touching ending that left many viewers with tears in their eyes. However, according to the website Digital Spy, the last episode ended without answering some questions. One involves Trixie’s whereabouts during the death of Chloe, her mother.

At the end of Lucifer, Chloe Decker heroically bids farewell to the plot of the series, but is revived and returns to Earth. The character’s death takes place during the 20-year time jump, and the detective dies of a mysterious illness.


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The main mystery of this plot is this: why doesn’t Trixie show up on Chloe’s deathbed to say goodbye to her mother?

The character’s absence from most episodes of the final season also left Lucifer fans confused. The Digital Spy website talked more about the subject; check it out below.

Where is Trixie at the end of Lucifer?

The fact that Trixie is not present in most of Lucifer’s final episodes can be considered a scoop in the script in itself, but it was the character’s absence from her mother’s last moments that really worried fans.

Trixie’s absence at the end of Lucifer can be explained by the series’ intention to pave the way for the introduction of her mysterious celestial half-sister: Rory, played by Brianna Hildebrand.

Lucifer’s final episodes rely on a 20-year time jump, and during that time, the series makes it clear that Chloe died of a mysterious illness.

It’s Chloe’s last moments that encourage Rory to step back in time and get revenge on Lucifer, her absent father. After all, the celestial character believes her father abandoned Chloe soon after conception, disappearing without a trace.

However, when Rory finds out that Lucifer only walked away to protect Chloe, Rory returns to his mother’s deathbed. The pair share a touching moment before Chloe takes her last breath – returning to Lucifer’s company for her happy ending.

The big question in fans’ minds is Trixie’s whereabouts during her mother’s illness and death. Chloe has always had a great relationship with her daughter, willing to do anything to protect her and raise her as a good person.

So why wasn’t Trixie at her mother’s side at this very important moment?

Fans believe that Netflix chose not to hire an older actress to play the adult version of Scarlett Estevez’s character, but the information has not been confirmed.

Lucifer’s final season is now available on Netflix.