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Released today, Tuesday, September 14th, “The Farm 13” has a cast formed by celebrities and influencers known for controversy on the web. The show’s production staff announced the participants in stages, including a press conference on September 9th and videos posted on TikTok.

The reality will be presented by Adriane Galisteu, who has already mentioned how he intends to act in conducting the reality show. “My role is not to be anyone’s teacher, but to lead in the best way for those at home. We have to deliver entertainment,” she declared. “I won’t be so good, the pawns have to follow the rules.”

Check out the cast of the season announced so far:

1. Victor Pecoraro

The first participant revealed was actor Victor Pecoraro, known for his works in “Chocolate com Pimenta” on TV Globo, “Os Dez Mandamentos” on Record and “As Aventuras de Poliana” on SBT. He is married to model Renato Muller, with whom he has two daughters, Sophia and Rebekah.

“I’m going for the prize of 1 million and a half reais”, he declared. “My strategy is to take care of the animals and prune the poisonous herbs”, he joked.

2. Little Mussun

The second name presented was Mussunzinho, son of humorist Mussum. He has acted in the soap operas “Caminho das Índias” and “América”. He was also a presenter on TV Globinho, in 2010. The artist has been married for three years and has a son.

Mussunzinho stated that he intends to enter the program with an open heart and the public will really get to know him. “My audience knows me through the characters, I don’t have an open public life. They can get to know me now.”

3. Liziane Gutierrez

Known for her plastic and controversies, Liziane Gutierrez was the third confirmed participant of “A Fazenda 13”. THE model came out in the international media in 2015 when claiming that singer Jason Derulo abandoned her in Las Vegas after she refused to have sex with him. In 2016, Liziane accused Chris Brown of punching him in the face, but the case was dropped for lack of evidence. Two years later, she was expelled from the VIP area of ​​the Dua Lipa concert for wearing a T-shirt with the hashtag “Ele Yes” in support of Jair Bolsonaro.

“I don’t look for a shack, but I don’t run away from them,” said the model. During the press conference, Liziane was asked if she gets into fights over the media, but she denied it. “I don’t change my personality whether I have a camera or not. I’ve never made a shack to appear,” he declared. “You will meet a side that goes beyond the strong personality and the shacks. You will meet a totally different Liziane Gutierrez, who you will either love or hate.”

4. Nego do Borel

Among allegations of domestic violence, Leno Maycon, known as Nego do Borel, was the fourth confirmed pawn. The artist is accused of assault by his ex-girlfriend, Duda Reis. O singer he has already released three albums and among his main hits in music are “Me Solta” and “Você Partiu Meu Coração”.

Nego believes that the public will get to know him better through the reality show. “I know who I am and ‘A Fazenda’ gives Brazil an opportunity to meet people,” he declared. The artist also stated that he does not intend to mention the lawsuits being filed against him. “I don’t want to talk about my ex, everything is in the hands of justice. Some things I have to say, because I was wronged,” he said.

5. Tati Quebra-Barraco

Tatiana dos Santos Lourenço, known as Tati Quebra-Barraco, was the fifth confirmed. IT’S funk singer and songwriter and has become known for speaking openly in her songs about sex, female empowerment, independence and self-love. His biggest hits are “Boladona”, “Desce Glamourosa”, “Sou Feia Mas Tô na Moda” and “Dako é Bom”.

“People have to be real, regardless of the game,” he declared. She also said what she thinks will make her win the show. “I think being true the way I am, speaking what I think, what I think. Regardless of the circumstances, be me. I’m not an actress, I won’t act.”

6. Bil Araújo

Arcrebiano, known as Bil, enters his third reality show in the year 2021. He gained fame after participating in the “Big Brother Brazil 2021“. Soon after, he joined the cast of “No Limite” and is now part of “The Farm 13”.

Bil stated that, unlike BBB21, where he became involved in a relationship with Karol Conka, does not intend to relate to anyone. He also says he is going to the reality show with the goal of winning the cash prize.

7. Mileide Mihaile

Entrepreneur and ex-wife of Wesley Safadão, Mileide Mihaile was the seventh confirmed participant. She is Yudhy’s mother, the result of her relationship with Safadão. The ex-couple has a troubled relationship and has already had several controversies exposed in the media.

“I’m not afraid of anything, I’m ready for any situation,” Mileide said about the reality show. At the press conference, the businesswoman was asked if her son would stay with Thyane Dantas, current wife of Wesley Safadão. The two do not maintain a good relationship, as Thyane was supposedly a friend of Mileide when he became involved with the singer, while still married. The child replied that the son will stay with the father and the grandmother.

8. Dayane Mello

The Brazilian was fourth in the Italian reality show and gained prominence in the Brazilian media after having Brazilian support during her participation: in all, Mello was nominated for 11 walls and managed to save herself. However, it was fourth in the Italian Big Brother.

Staying on the reality show was not easy for Dayane during confinement: she even declared herself bisexual to one of the participants, suffered from comments considered xenophobic and lost her brother during confinement, but chose to continue in the program.

9. Valentina Francavilla

the italian is stage assistant to the presenter Mouse since 2009. When publicizing his stay on TV Record’s reality show on Twitter, he celebrated: “I couldn’t wait to tell you, yes I’m at the Farm!”, he commented. “I hope you cheer me a lot, I’m counting on your help.”

With about 1 million followers on Instagram, Francavilla is the mother of a three-year-old boy and has promised to “impact and make a difference” on the reality show.

10. Fernanda Medrado

On TikTok, it was announced that Medrado is one of the pieces of “The Farm 13”. In the video, the singer she says she is very nervous for the reality show and that her participation in “A Fazenda” is the realization of a dream. “The public can expect a person very up, very funny”, says Medrado.

She also promises that it will bring controversy. “If they want confusion, they’ll have double. And I’ll enjoy it in the best possible way,” he concludes. Fernanda also participated in the reality show “Power Couple 5” this year.

11. Marina Ferrari

Marina Ferrari is from Alagoas influencer, businesswoman and youtuber. His first steps into the digital world were taken when he was just 17 years old, through a video posted in 2010 on his channel on the YouTube platform. Today, she has her own makeup brand, a line of hair care products, and a beauty salon that bears her name.

The influencer stated that she is going to have fun, but describes herself as competitive. “I’m going to have fun, play, enjoy and be myself always […] I’m good, but when I’m bad, I’m the worst of all. But I also really like being a leader, commanding because I’m very competitive. I really like competitions, winning and I’ll do my best,” he concluded.

12. Gui Araújo

Celebrity relationships are part of Gui’s history. The first was with the influencer Gabi Brant, which lasted two years, from 2016 to 2018. After the breakup, Gui confessed to having betrayed Gabi during the relationship. In 2020, Gui reconnected with another famous woman, this time, Anitta. The courtship lasted only three months.

He has already participated in “On Vacation with the Ex”, shown on MTV, in 2016, and was also part of the show’s cast in its fifth season, in 2019, but he made it clear that despite having participated in other programs, in this one he will be show different. “I’m here with an open heart to follow this experience. I’m physically and psychologically prepared to face any battle […] You can expect everything different, I won’t do anything the same. I’ve been waiting for this chance for a long time,” he said.

13. MC Bill

The funkeiro has been involved in several controversies in recent years, such as his birthday party amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The artist was also detained in a luxury clandestine casino, in which 200 people participated in an illegal event, located in an upscale neighborhood in the south of São Paulo.

In 2019, the singer shared a video in which he made fun of a girl’s appearance at Disney. “We arrived at Disney and, man, look at this. People from heaven!”, declared the funkeiro between laughs as he filmed the child. Visibly uncomfortable, the little girl turned her face away, not understanding what was happening. At the time, the video reverberated and netizens accused Gui of bullying.

14. James Piquilo

O countryside, from the duo with Hugo, is also part of the cast of “A Fazenda 13”. He is 37 years old and is from Fartura, in the interior of São Paulo. Among his greatest hits are: “Apaixonado”, Portuguese version of “Imbranato”, which was among the most played in Brazil for almost a year, “Gaguinho”, “Tava Cachaça pra Nóis (Velho Barreiro)” and “Decadence”.

Tiago called the attention of internet users to undergo penile enlargement surgery recently. He had also done other aesthetic procedures, such as facial harmonization, hair implants, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and liposuction of the abdomen.


In addition to the confirmed participants, Record also announced “Paiol”, which has the similar dynamics to the Glass House of “Big Brother Brazil”. Four participants will be isolated in the Paiol and the audience will decide who should be part of the original cast. Check the names of the four pawns:

1. Alisson Jordan

Choreographer and dancer of the famous, Alisson admitted to Rodrigo Faro that participating in the program will be more challenging than training Anitta. Born in Rondônia, he currently lives in Santa Catarina and is the father of Bellatrix. In addition to being a dance teacher, he also has an online course to teach his steps.

2. Sthe Matos

Born in Bahia, Sthe is 21 years old and digital influencer. Her name became known after she caught her boyfriend Abner, also an influencer, with another woman in her house and publicized everything on social networks. The ex-boyfriend even accused Sthe of having betrayed him and that the couple’s son, Apolo, would belong to another man. But the influencer denied it and said that he always knew that Apollo was not his son.

3. Krawk

The 24-year-old Piauí is rapper and he became known with the song “Jogador não está pra foto” which became an anthem among athletes. He guaranteed that during his participation in the reality show he will not let anyone overlook or take away his value or that of his work.

4. Mah Tavares

THE influencer Maria Clara Tavares is also confined to the “Paiol”. Born in Indaiatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, the brunette has 12 million followers on TikTok.

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