Chelsea suffers from ‘Brazilianized’ Zenit, but has a star from Lukaku and debuts with a Champions League victory

Current champion of Champions League, O Chelsea made his debut in the group stage this Tuesday (14), at Stamford Bridge, and received the ‘basileirado’ Zenit. And it wasn’t easy. You Blues they only came to score against the Russians in the final stage with Lukaku and secured the first three points in the tournament.

O Chelsea back to the field next Sunday (19) by Premier League and face the tottenham in the London classic. The match will be broadcast LIVE by ESPN on Star+. Click here for more information.

After winning in the last Premier League match, Chelsea became the key to the Champions League. At Stamford Bridge, he received the Zenit and found a Russian team that had many difficulties.

In the first time, the Blues failed to break through the Russian barrier. In 45 minutes, only one submission on target. And she came with Zenit. At 37, Rakistskiy hit without any major difficulties for Mendy to defend.

But in the second half, Romelu Lukaku’s star shone. The Belgian star, signed at the weight of gold by Chelsea, showed that the investment was essential.

In the 23rd minute, the center forward received a cross as measured by Azpilicueta, rose more than Zenit’s defense and gave the victory to the Londoners at Stamford Bridge.

Championship status

With the result, Chelsea added 3 stitches and in 2nd position of group H.

Zenit is in 3rd in the bracket, still zeroed. Complete the Malmö key and youth.

The guy: Romelu Lukaku

Once again, the Belgian showed that the investment made by Chelsea was fundamental for the club to dream big in the season. After scoring his first two goals for the Blues at Stamford Bridge in the last round of the Premier League, the ace decided for the Champions.

In a tight clash against Zenit, Lukaku scored in the second stage and secured the first three London points in the continental competition.

Zenit filled with Brazilians

The Russians were defeated in the opening of the European tournament, but they sold dearly. For the match, the team coached by Sergey Semak had 4 Brazilians among the 11 starters.

They were: left-back Douglas Santos, defensive midfielder Wendel, midfielder Claudinho and forward Malcom. Ex-Red Bull Bragantino, the shirt 11 made his debut in Champions.

upcoming games

Chelsea returns to the field this Sunday (19), against tottenham, at 12:30 pm (Brasilia), by the Premier League, with transmission by ESPN on Star+.

Zenit only returns to the field on Monday (20) to face Rubin Kazan, away from home, for the Russian Championship.