Chile Begins To Vaccinate Children Ages 6-12 Against Covid-19 With CoronaVac | Vaccine

Chile became on Monday (13) the first country in South America to start vaccination against Covid-19 in children between 6 and 12 years old. The immunizing agent used is CoronaVac, produced by the Chinese Sinovac.

The first to receive the vaccine in the country are children with comorbidities. The other children will start to be immunized from September 26th.

“Children can also get sick (from Covid). 12% of the cases we’ve had in the country until mid-year were in children under 18,” said Chile’s Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza.

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Chile’s drug regulatory agency approved on the 6th the use of CoronaVac in children aged 6 years and over.

Five of the experts on the evaluation board convened by the Institute of Public Health (ISP) voted in favor of administering the vaccine to children over 6 years old, two voted in favor of its use only for those over 12 years old and one voted against its use in children.

Coronavac immunizers should be used in the application of first and second doses — Photo: Miva Filho/SES-PE

CoronaVac also has an approval for emergency use in children in Indonesia and China. In Brazil, the use was rejected by Anvisa.

Chile has already approved the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for children over 12 years of age, and more than 660,000 people in this age group have received at least one dose since May in the country.

Chile has witnessed a considerable drop in infections in recent weeks, and registered only 435 new cases on Monday. The country accumulates a total of 1.6 million confirmed cases and more than 37,000 deaths from Covid-19.

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