City Hall of Ribeirão Preto

14/09/2021 15:13 – Vaccination

Scheduling for Covid vaccination in people vaccinated on 08/20 (2nd DOSE CORONAVAC) will be opened this Wednesday, September 15th

1,700 vacancies will be made available for vaccination which will take place on September 16th

Photo: City Hall/CCS

The Municipal Health Department will make available, from 8:30 am this Wednesday, September 15, at the Ribeirão Preto City Hall website and by telephones 3977-9441 and 3977-9442, scheduling for the application of the second dose of CORONAVAC vaccine against Covid-19 in people vaccinated with the first dose on August 20, 2021.

Heads up

This schedule is exclusive for people who received the first dose of CORONAVAC vaccine on August 20th.

For this group, 1,700 places will be made available and vaccination will take place on Thursday, September 16, from 8:30 am, at 37 vaccination posts in health units in Ribeirão Preto.

On the day and time scheduled to receive the vaccine, you will need to have an official document with a photo, CPF, updated proof of address in Ribeirão Preto, the completed Vacivida form, vaccination card for the first dose and the protocol number of the appointment.

bedridden people

People bedridden, from this track age, may receive the vaccine at your own home, through the SAD (Home Care Service). Just get in touch with the nearest health unit or at the SAD itself, by calling 3977-7111.



Scheduling – Fur City Hall website, from 8:30 am on Wednesday, September 15, or by calling 3977-9441 and 3977-9442.

Vaccination – Thursday, the 16th of September.

Local – In 37 vaccination posts in Ribeirão Preto.