Civil Police arrest a man who assaulted a pregnant wife in Caxias; woman tried to throw herself out of the window to save herself | Rio de Janeiro

Welder and app driver Vitor Batista, 32, was arrested for assaulting a three-month pregnant woman in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense. The moments of despair experienced by Maria José, 35, were filmed by neighbors. In the video, the victim even tries to jump out the window.

At the Women’s Service Police, Vitor claimed that it was just a couple’s fight.

Maria José said that she was beaten frequently, throughout the relationship of almost two years. In May, to escape violence, she would have reached throw yourself from the window of the apartment on the second floor. The scene was almost repeated on Tuesday (14) and was recorded by neighbors.

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Maria José was filmed trying to jump out of the second floor window during the fight — Photo: Playback/social network

“He was jealous and very possessive, he wouldn’t let her go out on the street, just for work. I even lost my job. When he attacked me, I was scarred and couldn’t work. I made up excuses, because I stayed indoors”, says Maria José.

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Call for help through the window

For the police, the action of the neighbors was fundamental for the arrest of the aggressor.

On Monday (13), Maria José threw a paper with a request for help out the window. The attacker saw it and said he would kill her.

“She said that she had already been suffering attacks during the week, but that yesterday he would have assaulted her son and started an argument. Today that discussion continued and the author assaulted her again. She tried to throw herself from the window again to escape these aggressions”, said delegate Fernanda Fernandes da Deam.

“Maybe if the neighbors hadn’t denounced, filming, the victim would not have survived”, added the delegate.

“We always believe that the person can change, but the aggression continues over time, and the record goes down. And it only gets worse. I didn’t have the courage. I was ashamed,” said the victim.

Vitor Batista: at the police station, he claimed that it was “just” a couple’s fight — Photo: Reproduction/Social networks