Clubs discuss postponing Brazilian round after STJD allows fans to Flamengo – 14/09/2021 – Sports

Soon after the decision of the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice) to release the public in three matches of Flamengo, the 19 other clubs in Serie A of the Brazilian Championship decided to articulate a movement to postpone the next round of the National Championship. They claim that the court’s decision affects the tournament’s technical balance. The information is from the UOL portal.

This possibility of postponement had already been discussed by the teams in the extraordinary Technical Council of the championship, held at the beginning of the month. The idea is supported by a text released by the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) after the meeting that brought together the 19 elite clubs.

“If the clubs signal with the use of an injunction to have audiences in the stadiums, the CBF will legally analyze the issue, since it interferes in the sphere of rights of third-party purchasers of commercial properties in the competition”, says an excerpt of the document.

The atmosphere among the directors of these clubs is one of irritation with the maintenance of the injunction that releases fans for Flamengo in the stadiums in three matches of the club. The postponement of the round of the Brazilian Nationals, scheduled for the 18th, 19th and 20th, has not yet been defined, but many clubs have already signaled their support.

“If there is an audience for any game, this is the decision of the 19 clubs,” said Grêmio president Romildo Bolzan.

The clubs are still pondering some situations, such as the contract they have with Globo, which owns the broadcasting rights for the Campeonato Brasileiro. The network would have its grid affected, as well as Premiere, the competition’s pay-per-view service.

The first of the three Flamengo games in which the club managed to have an audience will be against Grêmio, this Wednesday (15), for the quarterfinals of the Copa do Brasil. In the first game, in Porto Alegre, there were no fans and the Cariocas won by 4-0.

By denying the clubs’ request to suspend the injunction that granted permission to the rugro-negro team, the president of the SJTD, Otávio Noronha, stated that it is not up to the court to prevent the presence of fans in the stadiums, but to the state governments.

“It is not, in principle, for the Sports Administration Entity to meddle and deny the implementation of the set of measures adopted by the State, for the gradual resumption of activities -including with reflexes on the economy- for lacking, in addition to competence, the adequate technical support and the legitimacy attributed to democratically elected officials”, states an excerpt of the document.