Coelho remembers Maycon’s almost ‘dismissal’ and highlights the qualities of the Corinthians U-20’s ‘kids’

Dyego Coelho, former coach of the Corinthians Under-20 and with two short spells in the professional team, granted an exclusive interview to the channel. My Timão’s Twitch. One of the people responsible for the formation of athletes who are emerging in the professional today, the coach spoke about the feeling of seeing these young people in the main team. – watch in full below.

“It feels like a child graduating from college. There were players who are in the pro now that a lot of people wanted to send away. And I held my nail, said I wouldn’t send it, if I left I would go with me. Nobody knows what happens in this boy’s house. If the father hits the mother. These are things that I try to bring to myself, because my committee and I want to know about it. They get stuck, they don’t speak and this reflects on the field. There are many things that happen in these boys’ lives and nobody knows. The board just wants to know about results,” said Coelho.

“It’s a simple question for the boy, and he will answer you. Because that is his house. Seeing them today in the pro, scoring goals, playing difficult games, sending me a message thanking me, I get very happy and moved“, completed the coach.

Coelho’s trajectory at the head of the U-20 lasted five years, with 125 games, winning 71 wins, 31 draws and 23 defeats, with a 65% improvement. He even cited examples of players he worked with at the base who were nearly fired before being promoted to pro. The former commander celebrated his persistence in believing in these young people.

Maycon and Roni, they renewed the contract injured. To get an idea of ​​how people believed in them. Python also, who is not playing right now. He was very skilled in futsal, he played in front, but he worked for the side. O Carlos also, who is no longer at the club,” he revealed.

In addition to the steering wheel and the side already mentioned, most of the boys from the base who were recently promoted to the main team, and who are now used by Sylvinho, passed through Coelho’s hands in the U-20. This is the case of Raul Gustavo, Xavier, Adson, Vitinho, Du Queiroz and Matuan, recovered from injury and who returned to the list of related against Atlético-GO. Coelho commented on the quality of the midfielder.

“A lot of people ask, it’s not the merit of the people who put it. Who puts themselves in the professional is the player. I wanted to show that the base really worked and I had a lot of support from the board. Mantuan has a lot of personality, he’s even scary. no matter where he will play. It’s a shame he hurt. If he continued doing what he was doing, he might not even be in Corinthians anymore. He is very intense, very vertical, like Corinthians“, commented the coach.

Strikers Cauê and Rodrigo Varanda, who came up from the base, but were not taken advantage of, also passed through the U-20 under the command of Coelho. The first was reinstated to the U-20 and the second was loaned to São Bernardo earlier this week.

“He (Cauê) is similar to Joao Victor. He arrives at the U-20 with no desire, not understanding that he is in Corinthians, that he has to make an effort. And I said I would help him with that. to bother the defender, he didn’t. But he learned. He knows how to score, he’s good at the ball. It was premature to put him in the professional. Just like Vitinho. He leaves him in the U-20, scoring a lot, and so on he’ll be ready. There are players who need to get more base to get better at the professional,” he said about Cauê.

“I brought Varanda to the U-20 because he stood out at U-15 and U-17. Everyone was talking about him and I told them to. Some acts there were not nice for the family. But he has a lot of projection, very technical and smart. But you have to be calm and patient. He’s not someone who’s going to come in and solve it. It’s good for him to go out and play, show him what he can do and then come back and pursue his career as best he can. I don’t know if he would come back to the base, how he would behave. We cannot impose the situation, the player needs to accept. If it were me, I would want him with me at the base. We would have experience to help him,” he concluded about Varanda.

names for the future

Aside from the athletes who have already gone professional, Coelho commented on two cases of Corinthians defenders with the potential to succeed in the main team: defender Alemão, from U-20, and right-back Igor Formiga, from U-23.

“This boy (German) was behind the wheel at Franca. And I didn’t want him, I thought he was slow, no passing, bad air. I thought we could find better players. But the committee staff said he was a good player, but he was in wrong position. We brought him in and put him as a defender. It helped me a lot, very focused boy. It has quality, it’s not bad, I was wrong“, said about German.

“When we brought him (Igor) from Flamengo, we knew about the potential. But I saw that there was something we had to adapt, but we didn’t know what. But we thought, he needed attention. He’s a player who he needs more affection, understanding the family’s movements. That’s difficult in the professional. I don’t know what happened in the Under-23, he went out to be loaned and it didn’t go well. That creates discomfort, maybe even lost confidence. he has potential, we have to root for it,” he said about Formiga.

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