Come feat? Anitta and Lil Nas X didn’t just take pictures together

During the passage of Anitta at VMA 2021, the Brazilian found the rapper Lil Nas X. The two were photographed talking on the red carpet and posed together for photographers. Awards stuff, no biggie. Up to the second page. The brief conversation between the two artists was very important to Anitta.

VMA 2021: check out photos of the meetings that took place this year!
Lil Nas X and Anitta (Photo: Getty Images / POPline Authorized Use)

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Still on the red carpet, the singer gave interviews and was asked about the meeting with Lil Nas X. Could a partnership be born from there? Anitta she was excited about the idea, and the interviewer told her to take advantage of the rapper watching MTV. “You’re welcome! I would go crazy! I have a lot of songs ready for this.” released the singer.


After the ceremony, Lil Nas X saw a video of him talking to Anitta and commented on Twitter: “Queen”. Looks like the quick date was enough for him to leave with a good impression.

Then, Anitta shared the praise of Lil Nas X and revealed that the chat with him “made her night”. “I reset the game… one day I want to be able to tell about this conversation that literally made my night”, wrote the singer. What did Lil Nas X say to her? Has the door to collaboration been opened?

Detail: the day after the VMA, Anitta and Lil Nas X were again at the same event. They participated in the MET Gala, which has a very select guest list. It is to wait for this plot to unfold. Lil Nas X loves Brazil.