Company pays R$6.8 thousand to volunteer to watch horror movies; participate – International

(photo: Reproduce
(photo: Reproduction)

A company will pay US$ 1,300 (approximately R$ 6,800) for a volunteer watch the 13 horror movies, as part of a experiment. The idea is to find out if a movie’s budget affects its effectiveness.

According to a press release from FinanceBuzz, the person chosen to have their heartbeat monitored while watching the movies, between the 9th and the 18th of October.

“In honor of the upcoming scary season, we at FinanceBuzz are dying to know if high-budget horror movies cause bigger scares than low-budget ones,” the statement said.

In addition to the amount paid, the person chosen will be entitled to a US$50 gift card (about R$260).

The films that the chosen one will have to watch are:

Deadly Games

terror in Amityville

A Quiet Place – Parts I and II

Candyman’s Mystery


the blair witch

The entity


A crime night

Halloween (2018)

Paranormal activity


Interested? To apply, you must complete an application by September 26, 2021 midnight EDT. The successful candidate will be selected by October 1, 2021 and contacted by email.

However, to participate, I must live in the United States and be at least 18 years old.