Corinthians’ new goalkeeper experienced family tragedy as a child and now follows his father’s dream | corinthians

Of the six reinforcements announced by Corinthians for the second half, only goalkeeper Carlos Miguel, 22, has not yet been introduced. Named the tallest player in Brazil in the position, the 2.04 meter player signed until the end of 2023.

If the future at Timão is shrouded in hope for Carlos Miguel by the chance of being able to train alongside Cássio and by the expectation created in the conversation with the board before the termination of his contract with Internacional, the past brings heavy memories of a life marked by a family drama.

At the age of seven, when he lived in Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, his parents were executed by bandits who invaded the family’s house. He and his older brother escaped by hiding in their room, but they always lived with the fear that one day the killers might return.

According to information from the family and people close to the goalkeeper, no one has ever been arrested, and the crime has never been solved. But it is speculated that the execution of the family (including the children) was ordered by enemies. Something that always generated insecurity in Carlos Miguel and his brother.

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Carlos Miguel at Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

The episode caused trauma and relationship difficulties for Carlos Miguel throughout his youth and required, in recent years, a follow-up with a psychologist.

In his traumatic childhood, what gave Carlos Miguel the motivation to change his history was football. Always a big child, he adopted the role of goalkeeper at an early age to try to repeat the steps of his father, José Cláudio Zaquieu Pereira, who was Botafogo’s goalkeeper in the 70s.

José Cláudio, father of goalkeeper Carlos Miguel, for Botafogo in the 70s — Photo: Personal archive

In the absence of their parents, the boys were raised by their aunts Ana Cláudia and Ana Maria and their grandmother Maria Aparecida, in Cardoso Moreira, 330 kilometers from the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

– Despite the tragedy, since a very young age he has always been a strong, loving, kind-hearted boy and determined to his goals, who has always been playing ball despite the many difficulties he encountered to continue playing after the death of his parents – said the aunt Ana Maria Zaquieu, who was in charge of the children at the time.

Brother José Cláudio, two years older, also tried a career as a goalkeeper, passing through the base of Vasco and Fluminense, but gave up football.

Carlos Miguel took the first leap in his career by passing a test at Flamengo. Identified as a good value, he was taken to the base of Gávea, where he stayed for a year with a generation that had names like Vinícius Júnior, now at Real Madrid.

Carlos Miguel, Corinthians goalkeeper, with his aunts and grandmother — Photo: Personal archive

From Flamengo, Carlos Miguel was taken to Internacional in 2016. He was still very raw, with clear deficiencies, but he drew attention due to his size and was adopted by the technical committee, who saw in him a chance of evolution.

In 2018, it had a lot of prominence in the São Paulo Junior Soccer Cup – Inter fell in the semifinals. He went up to professional, played for the aspirants and, in 2020, was loaned to Santa Cruz, without making his debut.

For 2021, it was transferred to Boa Esporte to compete in the Mineiro Championship, but the team was relegated to Module II of Mineiro.

Carlos Migue at the time of Good Sport — Photo: Mário Purificação/Good Sport

Anyone who knows Carlos Miguel believes that the difficulties he had at Santa Cruz and even at Inter were due to environmental problems, as he was always a very closed young man. With the help of therapy, he changed his posture at Boa Esporte and arrived at Timão more open to relationships.

According to the Corinthians press office, Carlos Miguel will initially alternate between training in the professional and under-23 category. The trend is that, as of January 2022, he will be assigned the vacancy of the fourth goalkeeper of Caique França, who will not have his contract renewed in December.

– For me, being by Cassio’s side is a huge emotion. When I was 10, 12 years old, I saw Cássio playing the Worlds and, today, being by his side is very special for me. He’s an idol and I have a lot to learn from him – said Carlos Miguel in his ad on the club’s official website.

Carlos Miguel at Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Ag. Corinthians

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