Corinthians returns to delay two months of salaries with base athletes again

After paying off part of its disputes with athletes from the base, Corinthians is once again indebted to its players. As determined by the My Timon, the club completed, this week, the second month of delay in the payment of aid for athletes in training.

Via advisory, the club informs that “It recognizes that it has had cash flow difficulties since the beginning of the pandemic and works to pay off commitments as soon as possible.”

The pending issue, it is worth mentioning, is with players who have a training contract. In the U-20, there are eight players with aids to receive. In the U-17, however, the situation is the reality for 48 athletes.

In July of this year, the delay in payments reached three months, with two of them paid off shortly thereafter. With the new delay, delinquency comprises two months again. The junior categories are under the command of director Oswaldo Gomes Corrêa Neto and general manager Carlos Brazil.

The Corinthians base has been the scene of hot backstage in 2021. In July, the My Timon revealed, with exclusivity, an internal disagreement about the continuity of Tarcisio Pugliese, then coach of the under-20 team. Shortly thereafter, another conflict resulted in the separation of the Under-23 from the other categories.

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