Covid-19: ES reduces booster dose interval in older adults over 60 years

Astrazeneca vaccine
Extra dose may be applied five months after second dose or single dose. Credit: Carlos Alberto Silva

The government of Espírito Santo reduced to five months the time interval for applying the booster dose against Covid-19 in the elderly aged 60 years and over. The measure applies to both those who took two doses of the vaccine as those who took the single dose, the manufacturer Janssen. Until then, the booster dose was intended for the population over 70 years of age, with an interval of six months after the last application.

The decision was published by resolution of the State Department of Health (Sesa) on Monday (13). The announcement was also made by Governor Renato Casagrande (PSB) on social networks.

According to the resolution, the change considers the “high vulnerability of the elderly population”, which has the “highest incidence and lethality rates” of Covid-19 even after vaccination. According to the text, the booster dose is a way to amplify the immune response of this age group.

“The elderly showed less protection by the standard vaccination scheme for the most diverse types of immunizing agents and with the booster dose there is the possibility of amplifying the immune response with additional doses of Covid-19 vaccines”, says an excerpt of the text, which is signed by the acting Health Secretary, José Maria Justo.

The document also indicates that the vaccine to be used in the booster dose should preferably be that of the manufacturer Pfizer. Alternatively, Janssen or Astrazeneca vaccines can be used.

The difference between immunizers is how they are produced. Pfizer uses an RNA sequence replication technology, which makes the process cheaper and faster. Janssen and Astrazeneca are viral vector vaccines, which use a weakened version of the virus (but which does not cause Covid-19) to produce coronavirus proteins.

All vaccines are approved by Anvisa and have proven efficacy.


  1. Adolescents aged 12 to 17 years with permanent disabilities, with comorbidities, deprived of freedom, pregnant women, mothers and breastfeeding women;
  2. Adolescents aged 15 to 17 without comorbidities.

The vaccine used must be exclusively from Pfizer. Adolescents aged 12 to 14 years without comorbidities will be vaccinated after completing these priority groups.

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