Covid-19 outbreak ends at Hospital Conceição after 42 days

The Covid-19 outbreak that affected the Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição for 42 days is declared closed. Confirmation came through the Crisis Management Office of the Conceição Hospital Group (GVH), which met this Tuesday morning (14), when the Hospital Infection Control Commission (CCIH) and the Hospital Center for Epidemiology ( NHE) of the hospital reported the closure of the outbreak that had been identified on the hospital premises since 4 August.

During this period, there were 171 positive cases, of which 97 patients and 74 health professionals, with 13 affected areas and 33 patient deaths. Of the 14 samples sent to Fiocruz, five returned with the presence of the Delta variant and the others are awaiting confirmation.

With the outbreak closed, there is a return to elective procedures, which had been temporarily suspended. Other preventive measures that have been adopted will also be discussed with the Municipal Health Department of Porto Alegre, such as the suspension of visits, tracking of patients and health professionals, reopening of clinical beds for the care of Covid-19 patients and intensification of health protocols prevention.

“The outbreak was dealt with because there was no emergence of new cases in the last 14 days, neither health professionals nor patients linked to the areas affected by the outbreak”, said Dr. Ivana Varela, medical epidemiologist and coordinator of the Núcleo Hospitalar de Epidemiology of Conception.

According to her, the outbreak had “17 cases with involvement of the Delta variant among the 97 patients, which is 17.5%. There are 5 confirmed cases of the Delta variant and 12 await confirmation from Fiocruz. Regarding deaths, we have one higher percentage of involvement of the Delta variant. There are 8 cases of Delta variant among the 33 deaths, two of which are confirmed – which gives almost a quarter of the patients who evolved to death,” said the epidemiologist.

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