Covid-19 transmission rate in Brazil is lowest since November 2020 | Health

Index is measured by Imperial College, London
Marcelo Casal Jr/Agency Brasil

Index is measured by Imperial College, London

The transmission rate (Rt) of the coronavirus in Brazil dropped to 0.81, the lowest since November 2020, when it was 0.68. The information comes from the survey by Imperial College London, updated this Tuesday. The index confirms the downward trend recorded in the two previous weeks: 0.99 on August 24th and 0.92 on September 7th.

The current Rt means that every 100 people infected transmit the disease to another 81 people. When it is below 1, the contagion rate indicates a stabilization trend.

Within the margin of error calculated by the British university, the current Brazilian index can vary from 0.66 to 0.91.

The transmission rate is one of the main references to follow the epidemic evolution of Sars-CoV-2 in the country. However, experts tend to consider that it is necessary to follow it for an extended period of time to assess scenarios and trends, taking into account the delay in notifications and the incubation period of the coronavirus.

As it is a national average, the Rt also does not indicate that the disease is advancing or regressing in the same way in the various cities, states and regions of Brazil. In addition, the British university claims that the accuracy of the projections varies depending on the quality of surveillance and reporting in each country.

The Imperial College also projects that Brazil should register 2,760 deaths by Covid-19 this week, a drop compared to the previous one, when 3,176 deaths were counted from the disease.

The data from the British university confirms the slowdown observed by the consortium of press vehicles, which uses data from the state health departments. This Monday, Brazil registered the lowest moving average of cases since May 2020, with an index of 15,336. The moving average of deaths also continues to fall and was 467.

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According to a survey by the British university, the world registered, until last Monday, more than 224 million cases of Covid-19, and more than 4.6 million deaths.

The highest transmission rates for the week estimated by Imperial College were Serbia (Rt 1.50), Croatia (Rt 1.45) and Romania (Rt 1.43).

The lowest Covid-19 transmission rates estimated were in Indonesia (Rt 0.60), Mongolia (Rt 0.69) and Chile (Rt 0.69).

In South American countries, the pandemic is slowing down. The highest rates were identified in Venezuela (Rt 0.99), Peru (Rt 0.88) and Argentina (Rt 0.87).