Covid’s CPI hears this fourth lawyer appointed as a lobbyist for Need Medicines | Covid’s CPI

Covid’s CPI hears this Wednesday (15th) the testimony of lawyer Marconny Albernaz Ribeiro, an alleged lobbyist for Need Medicines, a company that, according to the commission, signed suspicious contracts with the Ministry of Health.

Marconny Albernaz’s testimony was initially scheduled for the last day 2. However, the lawyer did not appear at the CPI on that date (video below). At the time, he even presented a medical certificate for not attending.

CPI asks for coercive conduct of a lobbyist who failed to comply with the STF decision and did not testify

CPI asks for coercive conduct of a lobbyist who failed to comply with the STF decision and did not testify

Later, the doctor responsible for the document expressed to the CPI his intention to cancel the certificate after noticing, according to members of the top committee, a possible simulation by the patient.

Last Monday (13), the Federal Court in Brasília authorized the coercive conduct of Albernaz to testify, in case, again, he does not appear at the commission.

At the CPI, the deponent should be questioned by the senators about his alleged role in the negotiation that resulted in the Ministry of Health’s billion-dollar contract with Precise for the sale of Indian vaccine against Covid-19. The deal ended up canceled on suspicion of irregularity.

Senators also want to hear answers from Albernaz about his participation in the sale to the government of tests against Covid-19.

Investigations conducted by the Federal Public Ministry shared with the CPI indicate that he would have forwarded messages with explanations about an allegedly irregular process for acquiring tests.

“The CGU [Controladoria-Geral da União] points to evidence of attempted interference in the public calling process for the direct contracting of 12 million Covid-19 tests”, says the author of the call request, Randolfe Rodrigues, vice president of the CPI. According to the senator, the objective would be to benefit to Need Medicines.

For Randolfe Rodrigues, there was “an internal market” in the Ministry to “facilitate public purchases and benefit companies”.

In addition, the CPI wants to know the relationship between the lobbyist and members of President Jair Bolsonaro’s family.

Documents obtained by the commission show that Jair Renan Bolsonaro, one of the president’s sons, started an events company with the help of Marconny Albernaz.

Conversations on the lobbyist’s phone were copied at the request of the Federal Public Ministry in Pará and sent to the CPI. Jair Renan Bolsonaro exchanged at least a hundred messages with the lobbyist.

Marconny Albernaz would also be close to Ana Cristina Valle, ex-wife of Jair Bolsonaro and mother of Jair Renan, and lawyer Karina Kufa, who has worked for the president of the Republic.